First Color Rolls with the Leica M6

It’s been a few months since I’ve taken a big leap and gotten myself my holy grail – the Leica M6. I’ve spent those four months loading and shooting as much rolls as i can. It’s true what they say about the M6 ‘inspiring’ you to shoot more, but I’m pretty sure its more of people trying to maximize their investment. What i can say without doubt though is that this camera handles so smoothly that you just wont notice yourself burning through those frames in no time. But then, there’s also this enormous pressure to make sure all your shots are great. I tell you – burning through your rolls, and expecting all great shots rarely go hand in hand. I’ve learned to slow down and let the shots come naturally but with quite a bit of deliberation and discretion. That’s not to say all my shots are now better – It just means I’ve been taking much thought into each shot and whether they are good enough to a viewer is irrelevant. They are to me.

Anyway, this’ll be the first of many posts on the M6 – another way of maximizing my time, effort, output and of course, squeezing it’s worth to the last drop 😜

Here are just some snaps at home and the rare occasions was able to go out for errands.

This is with Fuji C200.

And this is with Kodak Gold 200

I used my only M mount lens at the time – the Voigtlander 35mm f1,4

*minor Disclaimer: before you complain that the qualities of the stock is not consistent with how you know them – this was scanned by a local lab which has profiles that drastically change the colors. At some point, i will re-scan these and post for comparison. These images also underwent my usual workflow (mostly just contrast, highlights, shadows and the occasional white balance correction – just my way of infusing myself on my photos).

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