Film Photos at the Beach

The is the ‘sequel to my previous post where i shared my phone photos taken during a recent trip to the beach. At the time these rolls were still being developed.

I shot these using my M6 and my Voigtlander Nokton 50 f1.1, but dont expect any bokeh as i did not shoot wide open since it was sunny. I still have a roll of Ektachrome (slide film) being developed so I’ll just add those here when I get them back.

Also, I used Kodak ProImage 100 film stock which is a little bit on the warm side. I wanted to shoot with an Ektar so that i could match the Ektachrome but I couldn’t justify its price. My Ektachrome is actually expired, which made it much more cheaper – so i hope those turn out well. I did not adjust any of my ISO or exposure as it is prescribed for expired film, so crossing my fingers…

The last few photos were taken using my Yashica Mat 124G, in medium format but i only posted a few (out of the 12) as i was not too happy with how the scans turned out.

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