Cove Lobo, Batangas [Film Photos]

Had a refreshing family outing in Lobo, Batangas a couple of weeks ago. We stayed at a private house which had its own beach cove. The house, by itself, is well designed and furnished and is luxurious. Add the beach front and it’s paradise beside the cliffs.

Going there and getting out is a bit of a scare because the roads aren’t paved but it definitely adds to the rustic appeal. It’s like the owners carved the roads from the mountain side.

We stayed 3 days and 2 nights – unfortunately the sun only went out on our final day. The water lover in me loves a stroll and swim along the beach while its raining so I didn’t mind. The photographer in me wasn’t too happy though, but that’s why I always bring some black and white film stock, so I am not too dependent on the sun and colors, for that matter..

For this trip I brought along my Leica M6, Mamiya 645, the Pentax spotmatic, and the Leica Typ 109 digital camera as a back up. Used some expired 120 medium format film stock plus some kodak gold and B&W stock. I screwed up the developing of 2 of B&W rolls (my developer died on me) and it still hurts as I write this almost a month after as I lost a lot of shots of the family in moody lighting since there was a power interruption on our second night.

Let’s start with photos of the house

Then outside

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