First Few Rolls with the Mamiya 645

I traded off (selling it I mean and getting this new one) my Yashica Mat 124G for a Mamiya 645 1000s. Bot are medium format but the Mamiya has a slightly smaller frame size 6×4.5 compared to the Yashica’s 6×6. There was nothing wrong with the Mat, in fact it was very good, I just had problems focusing with it for some reason. It’s more my old eyes than the camera. I’m happy with the 645 and figured I can slightly crop if I want to do a square format (sorry, purists!)

Also, the fact that the mamiya has a built in multiple exposure feature made the decision easier. I wont post my double exposure experiments here, I’ll dedicate another post for it as soon as I am able to get used to doing some.

Here are some select scans from the first 3 rolls I shot with the 645. All of the colored ones are expired and came with the unit.

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