By the Roll: Kodak TMax 3200

Will be posting some select shots from select rolls I’ve tried out over the years. Don’t ask me why I don’t post all shots out of the roll. Well, you don‘t need to – I’ll go ahead and explain. First, not all are keepers. And I don’t mean there’s anything wrong with them aside from I don‘t like how they turned out compositionally and tone-wise. Second, I’m trying to practice curating my work and picking out the ones I like from the pack. Third, I’d like to tell essays through my photos. I didn’t do it here but I’ll be trying to do that in future posts.

I used my beloved Canon P, with the 50mm and obviously went with the 3200 ISO (but rated it at 1600) since i was going to shoot a concert.

This is pre-covid hence the large crowds with no masks. Ah, miss those days.

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