Captain’s Blogs – Echo Ray

The following are log entries found in the wreckage of an interstellar pirate ship with hull no. 0247, believed to have gone down in a battle unregistered in any of the intragalactic records.  The captain who logged them is still missing – there are unconfirmed reports however, that he is currently serving under the galactic ori-empire Sonicrom, in a yet unknown and undetermined capacity…


Ray, Echo
Captain, The Inter Prize

Special Entry 001
12.3004 1322 H

Hello. My name is Echo Ray. I am the skipper of the starship Inter Prize, wing ship in the Intergalactic Conflux fleet. This isthe first entry in special log recording events that must not be discovered by my superiors.

Allow me to describe our fleet and its mission. The Conflux is an Intergalactic conglomerate driven by its greedy nature (gad i hope the commodore reads this blog waaay after the interprize is decommisioned, and i am retired) to monopolize the intergalactic trade and financial data exchange of the universe. Yes. The universe. It is not alone in this endeavor and the fleet has a myriad of rivals.

My part of the fleet is assigned at the maktecia region, whilst the rest of the fleet is assigned, well, outside maktecia and is named as so(‘outmaktecia’, much to the complaints of the captains and their crew as they are of the opinion that since the commodore heavily favors one of the captains here, hence stated without doubt that the Maktecia sub-fleet is the ‘main’ strength of our forces. But, THAT is another story which i will enter in my future logs)

The maktecia subfleet is composed of the following starships: The Conflux One, our flagship, commanded by the aforemention heavily favored captian, Fox Ferguson. Then there is the Wing Ship, The Inter Prize, commanded by yours truly. Bringing up the rear are two frigates, The Inzular and The Tower, being helmed by the loose cannon, Alpha Ray. (not related to me, despite being referred to by the general public as my brother)

The Fleet has been sailing the cosmos for close to three years now. You may be wondering why I only started this log now. Let’s just say I did not feel the need until this very moment. There is this nagging sense of doom looming ahead. The Conflux seems to be heading nowhere. And if we are all headed to destruction then I pray that whoever sifts through the remains may find my entries useful in the process of piecing together what really happened.

I pray to Gad i am just paranoid.

Echo Ray.

end of log.


Ray, Echo
Captain, The Inter Prize
Special Entry 002
04.3005 1500H

I mentioned in my previous log that there are two subfleets in the Conflux Main Fleet. Maktecia, and Outmaktecia.

The Outmaktecia Ships: The Ale’s Bang, The Robin’s Son, The Kumon, and The Chebu. I will write about those ships when there is something noteworthy to write about them in my next logs. In the meantime, let me discuss a very important event regarding MY ship, The Inter Prize.

Marie Sen-Sen, the senior Captain of the Maktecia Sub-fleet (she is domiciled in the Conflux One, our flagship) called for a very important meeting this vespers. Alpha Ray, captain of the Inzular and The Tower, and myself, have doubts. We feel this is the announcement that we have been dreading. What is it? The Gad owful directive that we (that is, Alpha and myself) will now be reporting directly under Fox, the commander of the Conflux One.

You see, though our ships are but support to the Conflux One, we have never operated in full accordance with their rule of law. Alpha and I have are own ways, and it can be said that we have always been effective. This new development, if it is what we think it is, in not a welcome one. If i had started this log a few months before, when all the fleet’s turmoil began, im sure a good number of my entries would be dedicated to Fox Ferguson’s questionable ethical behavior and his gad domned arrogance. We loathe it. I, especially.

I know this move is aimed at consolidating the maktecia subfleet into a cohesive battle unit. But I shiv at the thought of who we are preparing to go to battle with. Fox has always had it in for the senior captain of the outmktecia sub-fleet. Is this perhaps in preparation for the civil war we have been dreading? Or has civil war already began, and Fox is now rallying my wing ship to his arsenal?

This is a great dilemma. I must speak with Alpha Ray at once. Hopefully i have something pleasant for tomorrow’s log, and not the dark foreboding of unnecessary bloodshed.

One Conflux! Gad domned it! One!

Echo Ray.

end of log.


Ray, Echo
06.3006 1700 H

My apologies for this long delayed relaying of the recent dreadful events that have happened. In my last log, I spoke of a meeting with our Senior Captain, Marie Sen-Sen and its seemingly sinister intent, which is to consolidate me and Alpha Ray’s captainship into the command of Fox, the captain of our Flagship, The Conflux One. Our fears where realized. It was a move of pure malice: it was to put into motion a power struggle between the two subfleets that I did not want to be part of. You see, that move will tip the balance of power towards the Maktecia Subfleet. I want one Conflux, but not one borne from the ashes of a civil war where one faction rules and the other-slaves.

But that, dear reader, is exactly what happened. War raged and the Maktecia fleet is currently laying waste to Outmaktecia’s ships. I…abandoned the battle midway, for i could not bear pointing my pulse cannons at those I consider my friends. My crew and I feigned massive damage and broke away from the onslaught. I jumped ship and resigned as its captain, to save my crew. It was hard for me to do so, but it was the right path for me. My crew understood. Gad knows how I loved them, and out of that very love i had to leave them behind. They will not suffer any consequences as I took all responsibility for the ship’s abandonment of the battle. Alpha Ray has since then assumed, reluctantly, the captainship of the Interprize. His is a struggle far from over. As is mine.

I vow to return and save my crew, save Alpha Ray, and save my friends in Outmaktecia. I am now aboard a pirate ship. Nameless, so it is unidentifiable. Invisible, for it has to slip by the Conflux One unnoticed. Shrewd and cunning, for it has to strike at the opportune moment – with justice swift and proud.

Gad help me, I must be victorious. Lives depend on me.  My universe is at stake.

End of log.

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