Every once in a while i dedicate a roll of film to a specific theme – in this instance, the color red. I used kodak Ultramax 400 as I know it renders vivid colors including reds. I am just a little bit surprised at the different tones of reds straight out of the scans.

Bear in mind – and yes it is my perennial disclaimer – that even though i am doing bodies of works, the work itself is just incidental and baked into my daily errands and chores. I have yet to really dedicate much time in pursuing the themes wholeheartedly. What I usually get are scenes in between trips, when i go from the car to my destination, or sometimes shooting out the car while driving. Hoping to have more dedicated and uninterrupted time to really go out there and shoot.

Anyway, are you redy? Here we go.


  1. This is a nice concept! Anyway, the colors of these photos are different. Some gave off cool tones, and some were warm. Films are really is unpredictable.

    My fave shots: first and the last photo! 🙂


    1. Thank you! Yeah i think it also depends on the lighting. It’s been overcast and sunny lately. Also made some minor tweaks in the exposure not sure if it affected.


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