Lomography 800

Camera: Fed 2 Rangefinder

Here I used a Lomography 800 film and started the few frames rating it at box speed. Somewhere along the roll I over exposed by 1 stop and rated it at iso 400 ( ok , not sure if that’s really just 1 stop but I’ll get there eventually). Did that because I read somewhere that’s how you should shoot lomo800 – I really can’t tell the difference but I’m really starting to like this film stock. I’ll post some more lomo 800s soon along with some portra 400s for comparison. Also. Noticed some banding on some of the shots, will see if it’s camera related in the next rolls. But hey, these imperfections are what makes film photography what it is.


    1. Haha yes, never needed to understand it in digital as I mostly was on auto ISO. Re: lomo, I honestly like it better than portra 400 so far (blasphemy I know) – not only because of the price but the overall tones and contrast


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