La Union with 400s (Portra and Lomo)

Ever since I started shooting film – and before that when i was researching what the perfect 35 mm stock is – I’ve always heard the best things about Kodak Portra 400.  Amazing skin tone, popping colors, perfect grain and all that. So, first: yeah, popping colors and perfect grain (at least when you rate at box speed i guess) but the skin tone? I think they’re great for the fairer side of the follicle spectrum, but not so much the typical Filipino hue. But ok, honestly, i’ve never settled on THE perfect skin tone on my photos –  i think its still subjective. And since I’m no professional, i’d like to think colors in its entirety in my photos are part of my artistic expression, and i am not bound by any of the technicalities of a perfect photo. Yeah that’s my disclaimer  🙂

But i digress. My point here is this: I shot my next 36 using Lomo 400 and i liked them better! Or maybe its cheaper price had something to do with it. 

Here’re the Portra shots:

And here’re the Lomos:

What do you think?

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  1. I prefer the Portra one. The colors are much cooler compared to the Lomo here. But the Portra price is really pricey so the Lomo one would do. My faves would be black label bottle, the girl sitting with liquor bottles behind her, and the second to the last photo where the girl is stretching. Love those shots!


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